2014 Pontiac Firehawk

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Firehawk, It was the name given by Pontiac to a series of Firebirds in the early 1990’s.  Pontiac has decided to bring back the name with a new 2014 Pontiac Firehawk.

Pontiac continued to release Firehawk upgrades until 2002 when production ended for the fourth generation Firebird. Although GM is planning to offer a new Camaro, there are current plans for a fifth generation Firebird. This is why Pontiac have turned their expertise to the 2014 Pontiac Firehawk sedan for their latest interpretation of the Firehawk. Deliberately trying to avoid the Firebird Firehawk brand name, the company has meticulously selected a list of modifications for the Pontiac Firehawk that they say, recaptures the unique feeling of the original Firehawk.